Geku automation over its long existence of being a robotics company, has had a wide variety of experience working with a wide range of robots, for applications in multiple different areas of manufacture and assembly.

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ABB is a leading supplier of industrial robots as well as various components used in the industrial automation industry. The ABB robotics range remains one of the most dependable and cost effective available. By providing a variety of different robots to suit a wide range of different applications.

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With the development of collaborative robots and sensor equipment, there isn’t a better time to get involved with the craze that collaborative robots have to offer for your project. With the adaption with their new sensor technology, these robots can work along side your staff to complete more complex task as well as working as a team with an individual.

Geku Automation have worked with these robots especially with ABB’s Yumi on a wide variety of projects.

Robots Used


When budgets are limited, or if you want to maintain compatibility with an existing installation, pre-owned and used robots are an excellent alternative to new machines. Our pre-owned robots provide reliable automation at a much lower price.

Robots Other


Browse from our other partners to see what robot is right for you. Our other suppliers such as KUKA, and general robots, will provide an alternative solution for your system needs. Both companies have a long history of building robots and provide different outcomes for your project.

Here at Geku, we can advise you on what robot would be best suited to your job if you are not so keen on our major suppliers.


Here at Geku, we select the right robot for your system needs. We have experience in a wide variety of different industries, that show off our diversity and adaptability to take on any challenge, with various robots at our disposal. Some of the example industries we have designed for is shown below;

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Cosmetic
  • Food

Our wide variety of key customers highlight this fact, we continue to add to our repertoire of skills and range of robots, that can be incorporated into your system. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your manufacturing process.

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