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Geku wins European award from ABB!!

Geku Automation won the European value provider award from ABB due to its contributions in automation equipment and systems, to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.…
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New project well under way!

A new system, that involves producing protein bars, is well under way at our workshop. Just a few more parts to be assembled and…
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500 followers on instagram!

Geku Automation this week has reach a new target of 500 followers, the is a great achievement for the team and its growing everyday,…
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Packing system finished

Geku have just finished another system!! This system is designed to package multiple products in to a box quickly, to meet the demand up…
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Another system finished!

Another system finished by the Geku team. The system was designed for moving large quaternities of products around, along with depalletizing and palletizing. This…
Another system finished to move large quanaties of products

New Geku Gripper

Designed, built and ready for action. New Geku gripper designed for picking up large quantities of objects with ease. It passed initial testing, now…
New Gripper

Geku goes to Pot!! (At Science Expo 2012)

Geku Automation will be exhibiting at the Science Expo 2012 exhbition in Rochester on Thursday 28th June. The Rochester Bridge Trust are sponsoring the exhibition which aims to highlight…
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