WASTE SORTING ROBOT SYSTEM – sort and recover materials whilst improving purity with intelligent robotic automation


Our latest collaboration draws on expertise in automation and artificial intelligence from three industry-leading organisations.

By combining Geku’s 25 years of experience in robotics and integration, Greyparrot’s industry leading waste AI and ABB’s 130 year history of innovation, we’ve built a sorting solution greater than the sum of its parts.

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We created one of Geku’s most exciting new automated systems by installing the Greyparrot Analyser unit alongside ABB’s  FlexPicker robots. We combined industry-leading waste intelligence, which works in tandem with the mechanical precision of the FlexPicker robots. Our expertise in industrial robot integrations allowed us to connect the two technologies using Greyparrot’s Sync hardware integration.:

  • Greyparrot’s AI identifies waste from a growing library of 67+ material and object categories, in real-time.
  • Greyparrot sends the precise coordinates of target material to ABB’s robotic picker through a Sync integration.
  • The ABB picker accurately removes target objects from the waste stream at belt speeds up to 1.2m/s.

With testing complete, the Geku team are ready to support and service sorting facilities around the UK.


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Up to 60-80 “picks-per-minute”, with an average pick success rate of 90%.

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Confidently target material with accurate sorting at belt speeds up to 1.2/ms.

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Benefit from Geku’s extensive experience in customising industrial robots, installation, and post sale services.

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Take advantage of Greyparrot AI’s accurate and reliable recognition system that can be tailored to your specific waste streams.