6 Axis Robots – In General

Six axis industrial robots are commonly used in the manufacturing industry due to their flexibility, powerful programming software and payload capacities ranging from 5kg up to 1300kg.

6-axis industrial robots can be integrated into any application, Geku will select the correct robot by ensuring the right software capabilities, payload and the working envelope. Geku have integrated 6 axis robots with injection moulding machines, diecast machines, clipping presses, flame treatment, spraying and welding equipment to name but a few.

A 7th and 8th axis can also be incorporated if needed, again there are a full range of sizes to be selected.

Industrial robots are commonly mounted on a base or plinth but can also be suspended upside down to maximise floor space.

Four axis palletising robots are also part of the robot range, this type of robot is beneficial as the product that is being palletised is kept level no matter what position the robot is in. Shelf robots are used for long reach and speed into machines for de-moulding or insert loading.

Key benefits:

  • Unlimited flexibility
  • Powerful software
  • Robot tailored to your application
  • 3kg to 1000kg payloads