Geku design and manufacture guarding systems to suit any application.

We commonly use a 40x40mm extruded alloy as a framework for the guard, this can be cut into any size. If the environment is suitable a smoked or clear macralon panel is used for the viewing panel infils. This stylish design is very robust and easily modified.

In harsher environments such as foundries, the macralon panels are replaced with sheet steel inserts, these can be powder coated to the customers specification.
Alternatively, we can use the more conventional wire mesh panels. Again, these guarding panels can made to all shapes and sizes.

All of our guarding enclosures come equipped with a safety interlocking mechanism, these can range from solenoid locks to a complete
key exchange system that is interfaced to the safety circuit of your application.


Axelent door


Key Benefits:

  • Easily modified
  • Full ranges of panels to select
  • Robust