Geku Have Moved!

Due to the rapid growth Geku has seen over the past five years we are happy to announce production is under way at out new facilities. The 12,000sq/ft manufacturing plant at Knights Road Industrial estate in Rochester will increase productivity allowing our customers to benefit from shorter lead times as well as the ability to compete in larger industry sectors. The new premises has been designed with all the facilities a modern day manufacturing plant requires. Spacious offices and luxurious conference rooms ensure a pleasant customer experience during their visit. The staff are also benefitting from a brand new canteen and washroom facilities.

The increased factory floor space now allows us to comfortably build larger systems in tandem with multiple smaller footprint cells. With this great new asset, here at Geku we are greatly looking forward to developing the next robot and automation systems for our customers.

Keep an eye out for updates about our upcoming open day (date to be confirmed).