The Geku Guardian ™ Universal Robot Teach Pendant Protector and case


Damaging a robot control pendant can be extremely expensive and replacing a UR pendant alone, would cost the robot owner over £1,200.00. In addition, potentially a much greater expenses could be incurred as a result of any down time in production. – All this risk can be can be minimised by installing the Geku Guardian


Formed of shock absorbing poly-urethane composite, the protector is made of the ideal material to absorb the day to day punishment a pendant receives from accidental drops and inevitable knocks occurring in normal production environments.


GEKU Guardian

The Guardian has an ergonomic, light weight design which ensures the best possible protection for the encased pendant while allowing for comfortable use by programmer/operator. All the pendant features are unimpaired, with touch screen, rear teach button, strap and USB slot all completely accessible. The Guardian UR pendant protector Kit is easy to install, and includes two moulded halves which fit snugly around the pendant, these are simply glued together with the supplied adhesive to ensure your pendant is then permanently protected.

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The unit, once assembled onto the pendant is non-removable without a high likelihood of causing damage to the protector. The Guardian has been designed to provide all necessary access required, making removal unnecessary