Geku goes to Pot!! (At Science Expo 2012)

Geku Automation will be exhibiting at the Science Expo 2012 exhbition in Rochester on Thursday 28th June. The Rochester Bridge Trust are sponsoring the exhibition which aims to highlight the diverse opportunities for young people following a career into science and technology.

The Geku exhibt utilises an ABB IRB120 robot playing snooker  – a fun demonstration designed to attract the young buddding engineers and to show that engineering can be cool.

Matt Gibson, the Geku engineer who put the demonstration together, said ” I visited the Geku factory a few years ago while I was in my first year at engineering college.They had an open day  and I saw industrial robots for the first time then. Later, I applied to Geku for a position as a trainee – its a great career, so maybe some of the young people attending will be inspired to become robot engineers once they see the demo”

If you want to see “Geku going to pot”, a video of the exhibition demonstration can be seen on our youtube channel.