2 Million and still going strong!

Geku’s snooker playing robot continues to draw viewers, as it sinks snooker balls without breaking a sweat. Click below to view the video now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH08-JQwsZQ&list=PL234JGv2mbRhWscfg4tEL1NJuic38v6qI&index=6&t=0s

New Geku Gripper

Designed, built and ready for action. New Geku gripper designed for picking up large quantities of objects with ease. It passed initial testing, now on to repeatability. This gripper can customised to suit most applications such as palletising.

Geku in the News!

Geku are pleased to see PRW have written a fantastic article on one their best customers: Synthotec and how they use Geku Automation Systems to run through the night completely unattended!


Please read here:

PRW Article




Geku Goes Potty!!! One million views & Counting!!!

Geku’s YouTube video taken at the Science Expo 2012 Exhibition has had over 1 million hits! The video has a show off ABB IRB 120 robot playing snooker & then celebrating rather smugly after potting the ball! To view the video click below;

Hope you enjoy, looking forward to 2 million hits soon.


Congratulations to Mr David Marshall!

Congratulations to David Marshall, ABB Robotics Marketing Communications Manager Robotics on starting his retirement today 20.02.2015.

David has been a major proponent of Industrial Robotics in the UK both for ABB and for the industry in general. Geku wish him all the best in retirement, Dave, you’ve been a great friend and colleague, the Robotics industry will be less animated without you, we’ll miss you on the next AVP tour. Have fun and enjoy!


Geku Have Moved!

Due to the rapid growth Geku has seen over the past five years we are happy to announce production is under way at out new facilities. The 12,000sq/ft manufacturing plant at Knights Road Industrial estate in Rochester will increase productivity allowing our customers to benefit from shorter lead times as well as the ability to compete in larger industry sectors. The new premises has been designed with all the facilities a modern day manufacturing plant requires. Spacious offices and luxurious conference rooms ensure a pleasant customer experience during their visit. The staff are also benefitting from a brand new canteen and washroom facilities.

The increased factory floor space now allows us to comfortably build larger systems in tandem with multiple smaller footprint cells. With this great new asset, here at Geku we are greatly looking forward to developing the next robot and automation systems for our customers.

Keep an eye out for updates about our upcoming open day (date to be confirmed).

Vince Cable Visits Geku

The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Dr John Vincent Cable visited Geku on the 24/09/2014. Dr Cable has been touring Kent visiting successful and expanding companies with a view to helping businesses continue their growth. He engaged with Geku’s joint MD John Hudson for a discussion about the robotics and automation industry in the UK before having a tour of the factory and witnessing demonstrations of the newest batch of robot cells Geku has been producing for its customers.


Geku Wins Government Funding!

Following on from our recent innovation award, we are pleased to announce that Geku has won government funding to aid our ever growing business by expanding our premises and supporting our growing workforce.

New Web Site Goes Live!

Welcome to our new web site which officially went live today, 24.03.14.

Many thanks to our new web designer, Logicred,  www.logicred.co.uk for a seamless and smooth transition from the old site to the new. Hope you enjoy browsing!

Geku goes to Pot!! (At Science Expo 2012)

Geku Automation will be exhibiting at the Science Expo 2012 exhbition in Rochester on Thursday 28th June. The Rochester Bridge Trust are sponsoring the exhibition which aims to highlight the diverse opportunities for young people following a career into science and technology.

The Geku exhibt utilises an ABB IRB120 robot playing snooker  – a fun demonstration designed to attract the young buddding engineers and to show that engineering can be cool.

Matt Gibson, the Geku engineer who put the demonstration together, said ” I visited the Geku factory a few years ago while I was in my first year at engineering college.They had an open day  and I saw industrial robots for the first time then. Later, I applied to Geku for a position as a trainee – its a great career, so maybe some of the young people attending will be inspired to become robot engineers once they see the demo”

If you want to see “Geku going to pot”, a video of the exhibition demonstration can be seen on our youtube chanel;